Current Work: 2022

In November of 2019, I ran into a wall. I couldn’t seem to do anything. I had been producing for almost ten years multiple paintings exploring the abstract, the figure, and the combination of both. I began to grow tired of the figure and decided to go back to the abstract. To get me started, I took some images of my worktable in the studio. The following paintings started there and continued. Then Covid hit and everything seemed to halt/hang/stop in the balance. I did go to my studio and work a couple times a week and it was during this period of time that these paintings actually started. And, of course, the drawing classes were cancelled and there was no new stimulation for the figure. I’m not leaving the figures forever, just needed a breather from them. I hope you enjoy the current work. Unfortunately, titles are not leaping out at me, so most have only been numbered in the order they were done.